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Wondrous World of Science
Elementary Science 1-5
Kirstin Maxwell
(812) 336-5853, ext 106

Welcome back to another year of science! My name is Kirstin Maxwell and I am your son or daughter’s science teacher. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with your child/children in science class this year. We are carrying on with our FOSS science curriculum, which provides excellent hands-on science opportunities while meeting Indiana’s Science Standards.

Science Goal
My aim is to help students improve their learning and enthusiasm about science. To do this children need the chance to “do” science and explore concepts through hands-on inquiry and discovery. All the while, I will teach the Indiana State Science Standards as well as incorporate and explore the wonders of God and all He created.

FOSS Science Curriculum
This is the second year for the FOSS science curriculum. Each unit should take most of a grading period and is divided into four investigations. Each investigation is split into 2-4 parts. For the older grades (3-5), students will be given a Response Sheet halfway through each investigation. The purpose for these Response Sheets is to see how students are grasping the concepts being taught, and if they can apply them to a different situation. At the end of each investigation, students will have a short quiz that goes over the basic vocabulary and main concepts of each investigation. We go over the words and the concepts in every science class, but I will also send home a study sheet to help them study. Each quiz is cumulative for each investigation. The goal is to help students keep ideas and words fresh in their mind, so that they will do better on their unit exams. For the younger grades (1-2), their in-class work and lab participation is what is assessed each week.
At the end of each unit, every grade level (1-5) will have two types of exams. The first exam will be hands-on exam, where they will have to conduct an experiment or follow out the steps for a given experiment. These might be done individually or as a group. The second exam is a written test, which will have multiple choice, fill in the blank, or short answer questions. For grades 3-5, there will also be an “essay” question to answer. A week before each exam, I will send home a study guide of all the concepts and vocabulary that will be on the exams. These exams will be given out over a period of two-three days.
On my website, you will also find links to For each unit there is a website that students and parents can access. There are games to play, pictures to look at, challenges to accomplish, and even a place for students to ask real scientists questions. Please encourage students to try this website out.